Young People (Aged 8 – 17) – £100

Young People (Aged 6 – 8) – £25

What’s included?

The fee includes camping fees, activities, transport to offsite activities, Camp badge, necker.

The fees do not include food or transport.

Adult Contingent Leaders

Adult Contingent Leaders (aged 18+) – Free!
Young Leaders supporting groups (aged 14-17) – £50 (No activities)

What’s included?

In recognition of the time and annual leave leaders are giving up to attend, leaders can attend completely free! This includes camping fees, adult programme, transport to offsite activities, camp badge and a necker!

The reduced fee for adults does not include daytime activities organised for the young people although they will be welcome to take up any spare places if there is time!


IST Staff (aged 18+) – £35 (catered)

IST Staff (aged 18+) – Free! (un-catered)

What’s included?

The fee includes the option of full catering for the duration of Chamboree, refreshments all day, scarf, camp fees, entertainment,

Please be aware that if you wish to be part of the IST staff (aged 18+), it is a mandatory requirement to hold a current valid DBS, and that it remains valid for the entire period of the event. Please seek advice from your County Office if you are unsure.


A deposit will be required to secure a booking. More info about this soon!